lose belly fat after 40 female

How Women After 40 Can Lose Belly Fat and Get Flat Abs Fast – Look Great

lose belly fat after 40 female

Are you a woman after 40? Do you want to lose belly fat? Flat abs are an important goal for many women after 40- especially now, with summer approaching fast. In this short article I’d like to give you the 3 most important tips on how to lose belly fat quickly.

The first thing to look at are your goals. You have to be clear on how much weight you want to lose, and on how much weight you can lose per month. From that, you can calculate how long it will take you to get to your dream weight. If it takes too long- summer is approaching fast- you need to step up your weight loss efforts. Most of my clients on my “Lose Your Belly Fat for Women over 40” program get most leverage when they observe their eating habits- see below.

Second, you need an exercise plan. I know, for many women after 40 exercise doesn’t sound like fun. But it is, and you can make it fun. Do you know what is the easiest way to add fun? Find a workout buddy- ideally a woman who wants to lose belly fat too.

Even more importantly: Regular exercise will make you feel better. So, you are losing pounds and improve your mood at the same time- isn’t that a great combination?

Third, you need to look at your eating habits. And I really mean “habits” as in: What are you eating on a regular basis? It’s no problem to have a piece of chocolate cake every now and then, you should enjoy your life even if you are on a diet. For nutrition, it’s sufficient if you stick with healthy eating 90% of the time. But: You might have to make healthy eating a habit to get to these 90%.

As always, you will have to find out what fits best into your particular lifestyle. A “one size fits all” program that does not take your particular lifestyle into account will not help you to lose belly fat long-term. Chances are you won’t follow through. A good weight loss program will help you to discover what works best in your situation and how to integrate that into your particular lifestyle

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